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Software Product Manager

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Requisition #: 001881721

Job Title: Software Product Manager

Job Description:

Job Location:

Tyson’s Virginia with frequent travel to the Caribbean


• Responsible for managing/integrating a remote software development team’s product lifecycle

• Develop products from opportunity identification to launching solutions and testing the product around desirability, feasibility, and viability

• Able to turn requirements written in English and articulate the requirements to Spanish

• Able to travel outside the USA to meet with the product team on a regular basis

• Partner with senior product managers to implement the customer-centric product vision and ensure consistent alignment between business priorities and development objectives

• Define and execute user research to deepen understanding of customers’ needs, motivations, and pain points

• Manage the development of a product by participating in user testing, and iterating/defining a product’s quarterly roadmap

• Partner with UX designers, data engineering, developers, and technology teams (internal and external) to define business requirements, technical capabilities, and customer experiences, and features in the product roadmap

• Prioritize development of features as they align against product strategy

• Define product usage metrics and work with development teams to monitor

• Identify issues, risks and dependencies that will keep the product development activities from delivering on time and/or with the desired requirements, and communicate to product leadership

• Own and manage product documentation that expands knowledge beyond product team

• Contribute to efforts to shape product management and foster an agile, user-focused, product-led culture

• Prioritize what we should build and when by collaborating with stakeholders on product vision and strategy

• Share ideas and receive feedback on new features through frequent presentations before a new release

• Define how those features will work and look through close collaboration with engineers in design sessions, mockups, UX review, and usability testing

• Manage the release and sprint backlog through planning, backlog grooming, and working with dev, UX and other partners

• Ensure successful build out of features through development, review, and testing

• Ensure user success by guiding features through documentation, prioritization of bugs and enhancements, and performing usage analysis

Preferred and Must Haves:

Must be fluent in Spanish (able to write and read)

• B.S. in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent background

• 5-10 years managing software and product delivery

• Must be familiar with Agile software development and software lifecycle

• You are a curious person and an engineer at heart with an innate desire to make an impact

• You understand what a roadmap for an enterprise software product looks like and can work with a team to guide the delivery

• You are exceptionally imaginative, collaborative, and truly excited about building great product features and experiences

• You have an ability to empathize with both stakeholders and end users to make the right compromises that can deliver value

• You have sharp negotiation skills, impressive organization, and superb writing abilities (In English and Spanish)

• Most importantly, you are passionate about software!


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