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Inventory Tracking Solution

We can tag your warehouse with RFID


Our inventory tracking solutions uses RFID tagging and AI to complete your warehouse inventory 90% faster.


RiVidium’s has partnered with T&W to deliver Inventory Control Solution and perform full warehouse inventory management utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID tags, RFID readers, barcodes, sensors, Wi-Fi networks, and the Internet. Additionally, the software provides the capability to categorize each inventory item, which is easily and quickly set up to meet the client’s requirements. Our solution provides complete inventory tracking and control from receipt at the warehouse to client receipt. This includes:

  • Receiving and Receiving Inspection
  • Put Away (Multiple Warehouses, Multiple Locations, Row/Bin/Isle)
  • Pick (Prioritized Pick Lists, Order Fulfillment, Item Location)
  • Shipment Staging and Truck Loading
  • Shipment Tracking and Carrier Tracking
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Multiple Dashboards and Comprehensive Reporting

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