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Let us TripleEnable your domain infrastructure


A cyber-communication technology that validates inbound communications.


TripleCyber® is a new, patented cyber-communication technology that validates inbound cyber-communications before they arrive at your computer – and thwarts cyber-attacks.

Most Cyber-Attackers mask their identity with current internet infrastructure by borrowing resources from other internet entities known to the attack victim. TripleCyber® ends this risk.

TripleCyber® ’s Domain Name Services (DNS), Blockchain Technology, and Crowd Sourcing technology provides you with TripleEnablement.  TripleEnablement has three distinct features that track cyber-communication channels:

  • Public – the public domain vector communication channel (white) is your current cyber communication system with fortress-based IT security; it is the “status-quo.”
  • Private – the private domain vector communication channel (green) guarantees that when your cyber-communications are 100% verified.
  • Secured – the secured domain vector communication channel (red) guarantees both verification and matches blockchain’s public keychain with your private keychain key.

TripleCyber® is in Beta.  Preliminary release: July 2020. Full release: January 2021. TripleCyber® was conceived by Manny Rivera, the Founder and CEO of RiVidium Inc, and is based on his nano-sensor research PhD studies at George Washington University; click here to download the nano-sensor research paper.

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