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Logistics & Financial

Supply Chain, Inventory Management, and Budgeting Expertise


System Performance, Product & Warehouse Support, Cost Estimation, and Budgeting.


RiVidium provides in-depth Logistics Services and Life Cycle Product Support by providing technical management, infrastructure management, supply chain management, and training support for our global customer base. Our team employs advanced logistics analytics and business information management to deliver on-time support for both U.S and Foreign Military Sales contracts. RiVidium’s Logistics professionals are experts at managing and maintaining Peculiar Support Equipment and providing required material, maintenance and embedded personnel necessary to support the Operational and Sustainment (O&S) phase of a system’s life cycle. From planning to execution and sustainment, we provide logistics business expertise and situational awareness that support streamlined operations. Our Logistics Services encompasses four Service Areas: (SAs):

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SA 1 - Supply Chain Management

  • Sustainment Level Supply Support
  • Packaging, Handling & Storage
  • Foward Stationing
  • Distribution Center Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Stock, Deliver, and Physcial Inventory
  • Track Supply Chain Performance

SA 2 - System Performance

  • Monitoring System Performance
  • Assessment of System Risks
  • Managing Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)
  • Developing/Implementing Maintenance Plans
  • Conducting Business Case Analysis (BCA)
  • Conducting System Engineering Trades

SA 3 - Product Support

  • Monitor Product Performance
  • Refine/Maintain Product Support Packages
  • Continuity Monitoring
  • Tracking System Reliability
  • Demand Rates Tracking
  • Demand Times Tracking
  • Response Time Tracking
  • Funding Requirements
  • Sustainment Strategy Suitability

SA 4 - Sustainment

  • Manage System Obsolescense
  • Tech Refresh
  • Source Code Escrows
  • Licensing
  • Trend Analysis
  • Ensure Sustainment Performance

RiVidium collaborates with agencies and state government to build strategies and implement initiatives that put a fresh perspective on how they manage financial, efficiency, and service effectiveness. RiVidium helps clients to achieve maximum efficiency, control, and value from their administrative operations through optimizing and/or consolidating redundant processes, systems, and organizations in a service-oriented unit. We do this by means of our integrated shared services solution offering. With our finance service offering, RiVidium helps organizations, through a customized framework, to assess the current state of their finance organization, processes, and systems through workload measurement, benchmarking, and best practice comparison. RiVidium provides technical expertise, forecasting, and execution support related to resource management, planning, and cost analysis. We integrate resource allocations, process integration, monitoring and controls, and reporting to solve financial and cost management challenges. Our Financial Services encompass five Service Areas: (SAs):

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SA 1 - Cost Estimation

  • Advise Clients
  • Cost Mamagement Activities
  • Independent Cost Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Lifecycle Cost Estimates

SA 2 - Cost Forecasting and Management

  • Cost Evaluation
  • Cost Benefits Analysis
  • Cost Risks Analysis

SA 3 - Working Capital Fund

  • Analytics & Training
  • Revolving Funds Analysis
  • Cost Visibility
  • Cost Recovery

SA 4 - Auditing

  • Audit FIARS Compliance Risks
  • Improve Internal Controls
  • Improve Managerial Controls
  • Improve Financial Controls
  • Prepare Corrective Action Plans
  • Track Remediation Activities

SA 5 - Programming & Budgeting

  • Training & Technical Assistance
  • Assist with Prioritizing
  • Assist with Resourcing
  • Assist with Developing Alternatives
  • Assist with Analyzing Performance

RiVidium’s Administrative Services capabilities help organizations and agencies with planning, directing, or coordinating one or more office/administrative support activities. These may include records and information management, document distribution, facilities planning and maintenance, custodial operations, manage inventories of products or organizational resources, purchase materials, equipment, or other resources, conduct classes to teach procedures to staff, conduct employee training programs and other office support services. Our Admistrative Service encompasses 5 Service Areas: (SAs):

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SA 1 - Office Planning

  • Administer & Control Budgets
  • Administer Contracts
  • Plan Support Services
  • Prepare Operational Reports
  • Calendar/Conference Planning

SA 2 - On-Boarding Support

  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Employee Space planning
  • New Employee Forms Distro

SA 3 - Supply Management

  • Acquire & Manage Supplies
  • Manage Inventories
  • Equipment Management
  • File Supply Budgets and Invoices

SA 4 - Clerical Support

  • Secretarial work
  • Notes taking and editing
  • Front office assistance
  • Administrative assistance
  • Time Keeping Management

SA 5 - Facilities Management

  • Monitor Facilities
  • Monitor Operational Systems
  • Manage office security
  • Manage badging and in/out access
  • Direct facility maintenance
  • Manage facility repairs

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