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RiVidium’s contract vehicles and commercial price list.

GSA 738x

RiVidium’s Contract Vehicles allow RiVidium to work with your organization using major funding vehicles.

RiVidium, Inc. is a prime contractor on the GSA 738X Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services contract, which offers a full-spectrum of professional support staffing services. It is designed to support agencies in recruiting and retaining the best talent, as well as managing the process. This schedule covers more than recruitment and placement services – encompassing everything from high-level Human Resources (HR) program development through Executive Searches and Pre-Employment Screening. Agencies use this schedule when seeking strategic services including modeling, needs analysis, and resource forecasting, as well as HR Consultants to perform high-end security checks or surveys in support of workforce improvements. This schedule also includes workshop training in support of staff development which assists agencies in fulfilling their yearly educational obligations.

RiVidium is supporting all SINs under this Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), to include:

  • SIN 595 2 – Talent Acquisition
  • SIN 595 3 – Talent Management
  • SIN 595 4 – Employee Performance Management
  • SIN 595 5 – Compensation and Benefits
  • SIN 595 6 – Separation and Retirement
  • SIN 595 7 – Employee Relations
  • SIN 595 10 – Agency Human Capital Evaluation
  • SIN 595 23 – EEO Services
  • SIN 595 27 – Pre-Employment Background Investigations

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