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Program Analyst (SME)

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Requisition #: 0053110121

Job Title: Program Analyst (SME)

Job Description:


The contractor shall provide Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) services to include but not limited to administrative planning and EEO functions listed in bullets below. The contractor shall assist the EEO staff director in:

  • Operating planning and management of EEO functions assigned to EEO office
  • Special visits to DNFSB divisional offices to evaluate, resolve complex EEO problems
  • Provide assistance to the Equal Special Emphasis Program Manager (SPEM)
  • Developing, establishing, and maintaining Agency-wide Equal Employment policies, programs, regulations, requirements, procedures, standards, and philosophy to meet Agency mission needs within the context of appropriate laws
  • Provide Liaison services for the EEO office
  • EEO Operations Management to include but not limited to establishing Barrier Analysis Working Group such as:
    • Generating solicitation letter and its dissemination to DNFSB Management
    • Scheduling and coordinating Group meetings
    • Generating and disseminating Barrier Analysis Training Materials
    • Facilitate Group Meetings
  • Discharging program duties related to the affirmative action and EEO program responsibilities such as
    • Programs prescribed by law, regulations and routine practice ensuring EEO for minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities
    • Coordinate program events, solicit guest speakers and draft plans for each observance celebration for Government's approval


  • Must have EEO background with specialized experience in Special Emphasis Program


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